Christina Caldwell

Christina Caldwell

Montgomery, AL
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Marketing Content Writer/Journalist

I write media content, guest blog posts, ad copy, press releases, and more. Email for inquiries.

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Carol's Daughter

Princess and the Frog Limited Edition Skin and Hair Products Ad Copy

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science Ad Copy

Fashion Fair

Fashion Fair's 40th Anniversary Collection Media Advisory

Open uri20130408 30685 jet5r7 article
Do you know his STD status? There's an app for that

Play it safe
Ever felt like you might have missed out on a great time with that cute guy at the bar simply because you didn’t want to do anything risky?
If only you had a way of knowing for sure that ...

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Woman Pushed Earthmover Auctioneer to Top Ranks

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Brenda Wood broke into a man’s w...

Open uri20131119 20056 j77z9e article
Steal This Look: Interior Design Inspired by Love Jones | Loop21

Redecorating for the fall? Turn on your favorite movie for inspiration with the help of Loop21's series "Steal This Look"...

Open uri20131119 20056 1sy19ty article
Steal This Look: Interior Design Inspired by Coming to America ...

Recreate the feel of Eddie Murphy's 1988 "Coming to America" in your homw with these five tips!...

Open uri20131119 9351 1t6yauo article
Steal This Look: Interior Design Inspired by Lady Sings the Blues

Loop21 shows you how to capture the classic film "L...

Open uri20121123 1890 1cbr89h article
One Week Maternity Leave?!

November 21, 2012
One Week Maternity Leave?!
Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer was back on the job after just one week of maternity leave.
What type of maternity leave are you looking for?
Ready to negotiate?

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